Dance Procedures and Rules


Chartiers Valley Middle School Dance Procedures


  • DROP-OFF past sky bridge so traffic can keep flowing.  Chaperones and police officers will be visible at the front of the building to help with this process.


    • All parents will pick-up their child past the sky bridge where there are parking spots and room to pull over to pick-up students.    An officer will be guiding you with a flashlight.    

    • 6th grade pick-up is 8:50 pm

    • 7th grade pick-up is 8:58 pm

    • 8th grade pick-up is 9:05 pm

    • DO NOT arrange to pick your child up off campus



  1. No students from other schools are permitted to attend the dance.

  2. Only CVMS students grades (6-8) will attend this dance.  

  3. The school’s dress code is to be followed at the dance. 

  4. Students are to remain in the commons area during the dance.

  5.  All trash must be placed in the proper receptacles.

  6. Bathrooms are to be used for their intended purposes. No loitering in groups

  7. Students are to treat all teachers, parents, and chaperones courteously and follow the instructions they are given.

  8. Students are to stay in the building until they are ready to leave the dance. They may not leave and re-enter the building.



  • Students are not to crowd together. When standing or dancing as a group, students must leave enough space in between them to allow for a person to walk through easily and for an adult to see into the center of the circle.

  • Students are to dance face-to-face or side-to-side. Students are not to dance front to back.

  • No break dancing on floor.  Student must be upright at all times.


Students who continue to misbehave will be taken to a teacher or an administrator and may be instructed to sit for a short time, asked to call a parent/guardian to pick them up, or told they are not allowed to attend the next dance. Inappropriate behaviors may result in a referral to administration and CVMS Code of Conduct.