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Mike Gavlik
Athletic Director

Melissa Moran
Athletic Secretary 
F: 412-429-3754

girls basketball team poses with medals

Welcome to Colt Country!  The Chartiers Valley Colts compete within the  Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL), a conference of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League.  

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It is the philosophy of the Chartiers Valley School District that a competitive athletic program be provided and that the primary goal will be broad participation by as many boys and girls as possible. It is desirable that teams compete on an even basis with other schools, but never at the sacrifice of sportsmanship, academic priority, or general welfare of the school and students.

Athletics must be for all boys and girls who are physically able to participate. The athletic program should be educational and should contain desirable learning experiences. Athletics must fit harmoniously in the overall educational program and shall be controlled by established school authorities, both local and state.

The contribution through participation in athletics should promote: health and happiness, development of physical skills, emotional maturity, social competence, moral values, a sense of cooperation, a spirit of competition, self discipline, and an understanding of the democratic process, and a realization of the value of group goals.